Expression of Interest

We are delighted to announce the Australian Living Lab Innovation Network (ALLIN) is now ready to accept expressions of interest and applications for membership. This is our first call across all membership categories and a request for lead partners.

ALLIN_EOI_ May_2018

Welcome to the Australian Living Labs Innovation Network (ALLIN).

ALLIN aims to:

  • Promote Living Labs in Australia
  • Develop the practitioner base to support Living Lab development
  • Foster collaboration opportunities with existing Living Labs in Europe and the Asia Pacific
  • Promote collaboration on strategically relevant topics such as entrepreneurship, smart cities and communities, health, wellbeing and ageing
  • Promote inter-disciplinary approaches to innovation across universities, business, industry and government
  • Provide Living Labs leadership nationally and regionally
  • Leverage the potential of technology to promote enhanced collaboration and impactful outputs

If you are a business, university, community organisation or government representative, the ALLIN is keen to hear from you.


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